Applications are only accepted from Financial and Non Financial Members of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.



LATEST UPDATE (please read)


We will present the check to DMV tomorrow (October 19, 2015)
on behalf of the Brotherhood for our GA State Tag.

Below are a few administrative notes as it relates to the
GA tag:

Chapters please do not send any more tag applications or
funds to the tag committee. All Brothers will be able to
procure the tag in approximately 4-6 weeks through their
local tag office.

Frequently asked questions are below:

1. Once applications, check and spreadsheet are turned-in,
roughly how long will it be before the actual plate can be
ordered at a local DMV?

Ans: Once the check and spreadsheet with the applications are turn-in, Brothers should received a receipt in the mail within 4-6 weeks (pending all information is accurate); however, the low number plates (100) will be issued sooner.

Brothers in the first 100 will receive their receipt in the mail within 2 weeks or sooner, you will then take that receipt to your local tag office.

The tag office will issue you a temporary tag, within 7-10 days your tag will arrived in the mail to your home address on file.

2. All customized plates will have GAQ - and
(your corresponding number 18-100)

3. Brothers, if you moved and did not changed your
address with the local county tag office.

Your plate will be delivered to the address on file
with the county.

4. Your tag committee is diligently working with
GA legislatures to introduce a bill for the State
Organization to own the tag

Thank you, my Brothers.

Marvin Broadwater, Sr.
GA, 1st Vice State Representative
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

TAG Coordinator: Bro. Shawn Reaves (3-2015-T) @